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[KOR/ENG] Lee Haeri – Can You Hear Me

Recently I was listening to compilations of Davichi’s songs on Youtube, and I came across “Can You Hear Me” from the original soundtrack for Korean musical Tears of Heaven that premiered in early 2011. I had heard of it then, or maybe a few times in the past – in addition to casting Lee Haeri, the musical featured Kim Junsu of JYJ as its protagonist. For some reason, after having casually heard this track a few times over the years, this time around, the track stuck – just the epic grandeur of the melody and the dramatic effect produced by the instrumental joined with the musical actors’ vocals and dynamics was mesmerizing. As the producers called the musical one of Broadway caliber, I think this track really demonstrates the high quality and grand scale of this production (the musical was composed by Frank Wildhorn). (You can learn more about the musical here.)

I think I like the actual musical version above Lee Haeri’s recorded version, because the addition of the male voice (turning the track into a duet) really makes the track more lovely, especially as the female and male seemingly exchange dialogue through their interjections, and the harmonies reinforce the unity and shared mindset expressed in the lyrics. Also, the choir heightens the drama of it. But nonetheless, Lee Haeri makes her studio version an enjoyable, albeit different, listen in its own right.

The above video is from a mini-concert for the musical, featuring Jung Sangyoon and Lee Haeri as the leads. Below is an English version performance by Brad Little and Lee Haeri, and below that is the audio of Lee Haeri’s solo studio version.

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About a month ago, Lee Haeri won the Park Sangmin episode of Immortal Song 2 with the highest number of votes ever obtained by a female on the show (435/500) through her cover of his song, “Sunflower.” Above is the performance (unfortunately of lower video quality) and below is my translation of the lyrics into English. Continue reading

A little over a week ago, Davichi released a single, “Memories of Summer Days” featuring the track, “Missing You Today.” Like most of Davichi’s songs, this song is sad and pensive, yet it seems that I never grow tired of Davichi’s songs despite their similar themes; perhaps there’s enough variation across Davichi’s songs, or I just like Davichi-type fast-paced ballads.

The music video (below) features Lee Dahee and Oh Jieun, who seem to typically play secondary roles (second female lead/love interest) in the dramas they star in; Lee Dahee currently features in popular drama I Hear Your Voice as a prosecutor, while Oh Jieun played an actor in King of Dramas earlier this year. It’s refreshing to see them play lead roles for once.

Go below the cut for translations of their monologues and the lyrics of the song. Times indicated are when text or monologues are shown/voiced in the music video. (The Korean hangul is on the bottom of the page.): Continue reading

Davichi – Song of Sad Love [KOR/ENG]

And yet another Davichi song that I like! Even as Davichi has veered more into upbeat or more pop-sounding songs recently, their more sad ballad-y tracks are also enjoyable to revisit and listen to. Translation below:

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I’ve been inactive for a good while, away on travel and then busy with work and then busy with school. And it’s kind of hard to get back into the groove of things after having not done them for so long, which is why my hiatus was extended from four weeks of travel (without legit internet/computer access) to almost three months. But now that I have time to post, I will try to be more consistent and get back into the habit of trying to post at least once a week.

So now that I’ve given some sort of explanation, let’s resume the posts! :D Although I wouldn’t recommend Big as a drama to watch, check out this OST Because It’s You by Davichi. If you haven’t noticed, I love OST ballads, especially when they’re sung by really strong vocalists or artists that I like, and this just happens to be one of them. Continue reading

Can’t time just stop here? Can’t things just continue to remain the way they are? I wonder at times like this. Possessing the knowledge that things or ends are inevitable, but still wishing that perhaps they could last beyond their expiration date or at least feel longer than they truly are.

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I respect Kim Gunmo as a legend and pioneer in the history of Korean music, but I prefer Kang Minkyung’s rich, warm voice to Kim Gunmo’s unique, nasally voice. If only there was a full version of Kang Minkyung’s version of this song..

이렇게 쉽게 니가 날 떠날 줄은 몰랐어
아무런 준비도 없는 내게
슬픈 사랑을 가르쳐준다며 넌 핑계를 대고있어~

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