[*I’m not sure if there’s any music video, so I just posted the audio above, and a performance below.]

This track is a bit hard to translate in the sense that it omits a lot of pronouns or antecedents that are necessary in English, even as it’s easy to understand. Yoon Minsoo‘s voice is pleasantly deep and emotional, as always. Where pronouns or antecedents are omitted in the literal Korean version, I will use [ ] brackets.

This song can seem like a bore because it’s so slow and repetitive, but I feel that the combination of such a slow tempo, repetitive parallel structure-type lyrics , and Yoon Minsoo’s solemn and resonant voice really contribute to make the piece feel meaningful, sincere, and *sad*. I think the parallel structure – as almost each line of the lyrics has some variation of “[I] want to meet . . . the/that girl” – really serves to emphasize that the speaker of the song is practically just rattling off a list of reasons or articulations of why he thinks he should be able to meet “that girl” or why he wants to meet her. It seems as if the speaker is so caught up in his sadness that he deliberately doesn’t make any attempt to give the repetitive dryness any exciting (or at least intriguing) changes or mix-ups or color; making the song interesting seems so unnecessary to the speaker in light of his main purpose of conveying such sadness. Thus, I thought it best to try to stick to the literal in my translation and indicate where I inserted pronouns or phrases. This song is dull, but only purposefully so. (I’ll admit, though, that I got a little bored of it after trying to put it on repeat. Not quite the music you want to listen to to brighten your day or to encourage yourself to do work.)

Below is a performance of the piece, along with another piece, at a Vibe showcase:

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