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For the ‘Autumn Men’ special of Immortal Song 2 last year, mixed martial artist Kim Donghyun paired with Lee Haeri to cover Kim Sungho‘s Reminiscence (1989). While it evidently is originally meant for one male singer, referring to ‘그녀,’ or ‘her’ in various parts of the song, Kim Donghyun and Lee Haeri adapted it so that it would fit a broken couple. The second verse of the song was moved from after the first chorus to before the first chorus to immediately follow the first verse. Kim Donghyun sang the first verse from the male’s perspective and Lee Haeri sang the second verse from the female’s perspective (the second verse didn’t need much alteration – the one mention of ‘her’ in it was changed to ‘he’). Not much else was changed, except for the addition of the line ‘그때 우리가 어렸었기에,’ or ‘We were so young at the time‘ after ‘그때는 너무나 어렸었기에,’ or ‘I was so young at the time’ and the repetition of the line ‘때로는 눈물도 흘렀지,’ or ‘At times, I cried,‘ both for emphasis. (Also, Lee Haeri had some ad-libs.)

I hadn’t heard of Kim Donghyun before, so I couldn’t tell that he wasn’t a singer until I realized that Lee Haeri was given all the ad-lib parts and during the chorus the two both sang, he actually accidentally sang the harmony with Lee Haeri while he was supposed to sing the melody. Nonetheless, the performance was enjoyable and Lee Haeri’s vocals were breathtaking as usual.

[Unfortunately, the video cannot be embedded, but the performance starts at about 46:40.]

I’m not quite sure why but listening to the line ‘그때는 너무나 어렸었기에 서로의 소중함을 알지 못했네/ [We] were so young at the time, we didn’t know each other’s value,’ especially sung with the harmony, makes my heart ache. The full translation is below: Continue reading

About a month ago, Lee Haeri won the Park Sangmin episode of Immortal Song 2 with the highest number of votes ever obtained by a female on the show (435/500) through her cover of his song, “Sunflower.” Above is the performance (unfortunately of lower video quality) and below is my translation of the lyrics into English. Continue reading

This post is quite a bit overdue, but so many of the performances from these two episodes were well worth my time, and I think you won’t regret watching them either.

Below the cut: Ailee’s Don’t Leave Me, Lee Haeri’s Behind You, Lyn’s Bad Girl Good Girl, and more. Continue reading

This performance from the first part of “Immortal Song 2: Park JinYoung” is more than two weeks old, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching. (4MEN’s) Shin Yongjae’s rich, mellifluous voice easily melts into the mold of so many ballads, making his performances, this being one of them, so sweet and dreamy. His voice is so smooth and silky and even haunting; I can’t imagine him ever singing an upbeat song as his peers do so often.

2AM’s This Song was never my favorite 2AM song, but I think it is moving up on my list with this performance.

Hangul and English translation below the cut. Continue reading

[Yes for me finding time to do what I said I would do!] The Hangul and English translation for Kang Minkyung’s version of Kim Gunmo’s ‘Love is Leaving‘ can be found below. Continue reading

The March 10th broadcast of Immortal Song 2 was the first of two episodes dedicated to Korean music pioneer Kim Gunmo. In the relatively new format of Immortal Song 2, the audience votes on the contestant after each performance (if they choose to do so), and contestants then battle each other based on the number of votes received from the audience, the contestant with the most votes winning. Continue reading

As a big fan of Davichi, I try to watch most Davichi performances as they come out. [Subscribe to sinyanmei92 for Davichi videos!] That means that I started watching Immortal Song 2 for Lee Haeri and Kang Minkyung’s performances and random cuts…which led to this. The main highlight of this episode (of what I saw) was the formation of a Lee Haeri–Brian Joo couple line (scandalous news for Korean reporters!!). Continue reading