Sometimes it’s difficult to find motivation to translate songs or blog because I’m tired or not in the mood, or the songs that I’ve been listening to are too difficult to translate without much deliberation and head-scratching. But this song, I’ve listened to quite a number of times over the past two and a half years that have elapsed since it was first released. And even without totally understanding the lyrics prior to articulating this translation, I have realized through songs like these that one can sometimes relate to things (s)he doesn’t necessarily fully understand – just hearing bits and pieces, “Live in the moment / ’cause this time’s not your last” and “One more step, even if [you] go slowly / It’s not [a matter of being] so late,” I had come to understand the general meaning of the lyrics. Perhaps I actually came to translate this song after dragging my feet trying to find a song to translate because these specific lyrics resonated with me – that even if I’m not exactly in the mood for translation or don’t have momentum from previous translations as a driving force, I can pick up with one more step, even if it’s a simpler translation like this.

It’s unfortunate that Justin Kim has seemingly disappeared from the Korean music scene since around two years ago, but I don’t believe that diminishes the quality of this cover and the effectiveness of the message the song conveys. (Also, unfortunately, I cannot find the longer studio version of this cover on Youtube, so I only posted a live performance below.)

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