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I recently heard Kim Taeyeon (I know, she has the same name as SNSD’s leader – and such a good voice too!!) cover Lim Jeonghee’s “Tears Didn’t Fall” (literally “Tears Didn’t Come/Appear“) on KPOPSTAR Season 2 (performance above, starts around 0:33). I immediately became a fan of both the song and her.

Seeing how I haven’t translated any songs recently, I found myself yearning to translate this song (along with a few others) for its pretty straightforward lyrics and nice melody.

Below is the original song: Continue reading

When there are new (not as in recently released) songs that I like that are not mainstream enough to be widely or fully translated, I feel more inclined to post. And so it is with Kim Dongryul‘s “Song From a Long Time Ago,” off of his album from 2008 titled “Monologue.” (Most people refer to this song as “Old Song,” but I feel that that title is a bit to simple as the Korean title means something more like “It’s been a long time since [I listened to] that song,” which I shortened to “Song From a Long Time Ago.“)

I think I stumbled upon this song by accident while listening to some other Kim Dongryul songs, and after reading half of a translation of this song (I could only find the first half), I decided to try to translate it. It’s a very sentimental song, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the speaker of the song is Kim Dongryul himself, as he wrote both the song and the lyrics to “Song From a Long Time Ago.”

Anyhow, check out the translated lyrics below, along with a cover video by Lee Seokhoon of SG Wannabe accompanied by Jin Bora on the piano. An audio of Kim Dongryul’s original version is above. Continue reading

Zitten – Whale [KOR/ENG]

Zitten is hands down, my favorite Korean indie artist. I only found out today that Zitten was on Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook just a few weeks ago (see the above video!), and after finally garnering some money to buy some Zitten songs on iTunes, I decided that I’d try to translate a Zitten song – “Whale” off of the album “White Night.”

Although I do feel kind of weird listening to songs like these with somewhat depressing lyrics having not gone through too much turmoil myself, I still enjoy the lyrics because they sound so meaningful and contemplative. Hopefully I’ll be able to translate “White Night,” the title track off of the album. Check the English translation of the song “Whale” below!
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Something that I love about Tablo’s album, Fever’s End, is the fact that he took part in the lyrics and composition of each song (and all but one song’s arrangement), with the help of some others – it’s very hard to find artists who write most of their own songs these days. The songs are not only beautiful and pleasing to the ear, but are also packed with meaningful lyrics. Continue reading

I’ve been inactive for a good while, away on travel and then busy with work and then busy with school. And it’s kind of hard to get back into the groove of things after having not done them for so long, which is why my hiatus was extended from four weeks of travel (without legit internet/computer access) to almost three months. But now that I have time to post, I will try to be more consistent and get back into the habit of trying to post at least once a week.

So now that I’ve given some sort of explanation, let’s resume the posts! :D Although I wouldn’t recommend Big as a drama to watch, check out this OST Because It’s You by Davichi. If you haven’t noticed, I love OST ballads, especially when they’re sung by really strong vocalists or artists that I like, and this just happens to be one of them. Continue reading

Wonder Girls ballads are probably my favorite specific sub-genre in K-Pop. They were what attracted me to Wonder Girls after Tell Me, So Hot, and Nobody became old, and what I continue to look forward to in Wonder Girls’ music. This track, Sorry, is my favorite from Wonder Girls’ new mini-album, Wonder Party. Listen, read the lyrics, and enjoy! :) Continue reading

Into the Sky” is one of two title songs on g.o.d’s seventh and last album, titled “The 7th Chapter: Into the Sky.” It holds significance over other songs, not only because it was the last, but because it explicitly talks about the ending of g.o.d (not through actual disbandment, but through future inactivity); there’s even a group of fans singing the last chorus.

To compare it to a more recent scenario, it’s like Jewelry’s song “Love Story” that marked the end of Park Jungah and Seo Inyoung’s career with Jewelry.

Yesterday was the last day of school and graduation at my school. I’m sure many others schools are coming to an end or have already ended in these couple of days/weeks, and although I remember being exuberant over the end of school when I was younger, I think it’s becoming more of a bitter feeling (somewhat sweet too, I guess) because the end of school can also mean the end of a bunch of other things; the end of certain acquaintances or a certain class’s dynamics or certain feelings or certain moods.

This song describes the kind of sentiment towards endings that I wish to have; although sometimes they seem all too bitter and not even the slightest bit sweet, it’s better to remember all the happy memories and how happy you were in them. It’s better to just let the memories remain nice and rosy within your heart and have a “beautiful farewell.” In a way, this post is a way of consoling myself of any sad feelings I may have harbored because of this specific ending. Translation below. Continue reading